Wayne’s Portfolio

People from around the world search for Wayne’s portfolio and they normally find nothing! Nothing!! How is this possible? One of the most well known makeup artists has no portfolio of his own work? We asked Wayne Goss this question.

Fan Page:

Thousands of your fans search google for your works/portfolio each month. Is there any reason why we can’t find any of your make-up work online (brides’ photos, etc.)?

Wayne Goss:

I’m not a editorial makeup artist. I have never had a portfolio only the one I carry to appointments (which is a private one containing photos from bridal, one-on-one, etc.). I hated all the nonsense that went with editorial and it just horrified me that everything was airbrushed so I started my makeup job by going door-to-door with business cards to bridal shops.

Then I did and still do, one-on-one makeup training (which is filmed and they get a copy of it so they can recreate the look easily). At the time (before YouTube) there wasn’t much of this going on. So business was good. I never advertised. Just word of mouth. :)