Is Goss Make-up Artist Married?


is wayne goss married

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One of the most asked questions is if Wayne Alan Goss is married.  Within the past couple of years, gossmakeupartist became a YouTube make-up guru and many fans search for his marital status online, as well as his sexual orientation.

Wayne, a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, first turned to make-up when he suffered from acne at the age of 20.  In 2008 inspired by the YouTube phenomenon, he wanted to give a more realistic approach to what can and can’t be done.

The question regarding Wayne’s marital status has been answered in one of the videos and the answer is – “I’m not married but I would like to be.” 

( skip to 0.25 sec for an answer )

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  1. Mr Goss,

    You are absolutely amazing,I have subscribed to and continue to watch your make up tutorials and tips. They have been extremely helpful. You’re a beautiful person :-) The interview video was handled quite nicely :-)

    Thank you for all the make-up help you continue to give.


  2. Great interview. No offense to the person who asked it, but I completely agree with you for choosing to not answer the final question from the FAQ. I don’t understand its relevance or why people need to know this stuff. I wish we’d all grow up :/

  3. I think you are a fascinating person and it is great that you are trying to help others with your tutorials. I have learned a great deal today and hope to put it to work. I wish you the very best life has to offer. Love your wink.


  4. I was so pleased to watch most of your tutorials…thank you for trying to help others feel good about how they look and endeavoring to make this world a more beautiful place. I am a 70year old widow who looks 10 years younger and I would like to know how to apply make up so that I look neither dowdy nor too-too much. Could you do a full make up for the older”natural-type “woman? There must be others who would be interested in this. Once again, thank you for your heart to make a difference…niceness does matter. God bless you! Pam

    • My sentiments exactly! I’m not quite as old as you but it’s hard to find the line between dowdy and overdone. Besides niceness making a difference, he’s also charming and I would be thrilled to talk to him in a pub.

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